Mobile and Computer Repair in Kolkata

Get Best Mobile and Computer Repair in Kolkata For All Brands

Nowadays there is a growing demand for good Mobile and Computer Repair in Kolkata, People are tired of getting tricked by local repairs in Kolkata, & overcharging from authorized service centers once you are out of warranty period. As a result, people left searching for a good mobile repair in Kolkata or a good computer repairing in Kolkata. Well, you have us, KOLKATA REPAIR, who has dedicated themselves to repairing domain anywhere in Kolkata, We have free pick-up & drop all over the city, trained technician with 15+ years of experience in repairing domain, a full-time customer support team, to help you out throughout the process of Mobile and Computer Repair in Kolkata

Mobile and Computer Repair in Kolkata

We provide these types of Mobile And Computer Repair in Kolkata Repair

We offer solution to All Common types Computer & Mobile repair, and deliver your products at your doorsteps, at the right time, & if for some reason we cannot fix your mobile/computer you do not need to pay us not a single Paisa at all, We also provide six months of warranty on any service we provide, means if you find that specific problem again within six months we will solve the problem again. AND WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU A SINGLE PAISA FOR THAT.

Screen Replacement of Mobile & Other Touch Pads in Kolkata

Without a doubt, this is the most common problem faced by people who use smart-phones, iPhones, or any other device with a touchpad. Once a crack happens or some other form of damage, the entire devices become unusable, so you need to see the mobile repair in Kolkata, Well you can contact us, we offer Screen Replacement of all types of devices, at a cost lower than any big name in Kolkata.

Battery Replacement For Mobile, Laptop & MacBook

This is the second most common problem faced by our experts at Kolkata-Repair, We provide service for wide range of battery issues, of all common brands in India, and we replace battery, of all brands, of Mobile, Laptop & MacBook.

Software Issue For Mobile & Computer

We can solve any software issue related to any brand of mobile, computer & apple devices, We have specialized engineers with huge experience on this domain, so whatever your problem maybe bring it to us, we will fix it.

Ram Issue Solve For Mobile, Laptop, iPhone & iPad

We have experienced engineers, who can solve any type of Software issue of any devices, so if you have any memory related issue, bring it to us or give us a Call we will solve it for you.

Other Problems We Solve Too

We can solve any other issue too, as we have best phone & computer repair in Kolkata, we are a complete package, we can solve charging port problems, virus related issues and many other issues too.

Brand We Repair At Kolkata Repair

Realme Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Samsung Laptop Repair In Kolkata
Samsung Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Sony Laptop Repair In Kolkata
Sony Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Toshiba Laptop Repair In Kolkata
Vivo Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Xiaomi Mobile Repair In Kolkata
HTC Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Huawei Mobile Repair In Kolkata
iball Laptop Repair In Kolkata
iPad Repair In Kolkata
iPhone Repair In Kolkata
Lenovo Laptop Repair In Kolkata
Lenovo Mobile Repair In Kolkata
LG Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Micromax Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Microsoft Laptop Repair In Kolkata
Microsoft Lumia Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Motorola Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Nokia Mobile Repair In Kolkata
OnePlus Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Oppo Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Acer Laptop Repair In Kolkata
Asus Mobile Repair In Kolkata
Dell Laptop Repair In Kolkata
Fujitsu Laptop Repair In Kolkata

So, whatever the problem is regarding Phones & Computers of any brand, Just give us a call, We will reach for pick-up in an hour.


We Kolkata Repair is the most reputed Mobile And Computer Repair in Kolkata, We offer top-class repairing services anywhere in Kolkata, We have a full-time customer support team, we have enough delivery boy, to reach anywhere in Kolkata in an hour, We take full responsibility of our work & offer warranty on our services.

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