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From Laptop screen replacement to motherboard repair, get end to end support for all your laptop repair needs anywhere in Kolkata.

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There is no extra charge for pickup & delivery. When you book a repair, One of our technicians visit and pickup your device, and after repair it is delivered to you at your location.

Affordable Price

There is no reason to pay more for less, and we believe in fair pricing while still providing the highest quality of service. We provide most affordable repair in Kolkata.

On-site Repair

We come to you and fix your phone’s broken screen on the spot, at your home or at the office. Also, we can fix your laptop screen and  other device problems at your location.


All of the parts and most of the repair comes with a warranty because we are that confident in our service. The parts we use are all of the highest quality, and we always run quality test so you get top notch service.

Professional & Genuine

Our engingeer are very professional and well trained. They are all certified engineers. When they are repairing your device, the only goal is provide quality. If you are not happy then neither are we.

Fast & Secure

We know how important your device to you. For that, we always try to deliver your device to you as soon as possible. When your device comes to us, We keep it completely safe and secure. So don’t worry about your device data, it’s safe with us.


Customer Reviews

I had gone to repair the hinge of my laptop The attendant was knowledable,concise and very polite I would recommend this place for all mobile and laptop repairs due to their professional service

Sidharth Bolar

Salt Lake

Very prompt service. Got my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 keyboard replaced. It was done in a day. I recommend there service to of my freind. You will all inspection details in email after your approve then they start.

Jotirmoy Debnath


received an excellent service I am a Research assistant in a reputed university. My MacBook Pro started malfunctioning on 6th September and I booked that night at 9pm. I got an immediate response. and fixed my device in 3 days

Samir Kundu


Microsoft Laptop Screen replacement In Kolkata

Facing any touch or display issue? Or Is your laptop screen is broken? We are at Kolkata repair to solve any of your laptop screen problems with high-quality service across Kolkata. Sometimes laptop display problems can make you very concerned because laptop screen replacement in Kolkata may seem difficult. We are the best laptop service center in Kolkata to provide genuine service along with qualified technicians. Our engineers resolve all your screen problems including Cracked, split, damaged and broken laptop screen, Screen not working, turning on, lighting up properly, Turns off and on intermittently, Static on screen and, showing Multi-coloured lines issue, Screen pixel defect issue, A flurry of buzzy picture issue, Black screen with the backlight on, Reduce screen brightness issue, etc.

Microsoft Laptop Battery replacement In Kolkata

Are you facing issues like your laptop is not charging? Or the laptop is draining very fast? Then it’s all due to a dead battery. Facing a battery-related issue is very common when your laptop is not in use for an extended period of time. You can face a number of issues like it stopped charging or if the laptop shows the battery is plugged in but it does not take charges. Our laptop specialists that you are looking for, and they can replace your laptop battery easily with all your laptop brands and models. The battery issues such as Laptop battery not charging, Laptop battery charge doesn’t last long, etc. affects your laptop and sometimes it can create some internal damage. So it needs the battery replacement as soon as possible from Kolkata repair with original spare parts.

Microsoft Laptop Keyboard Replacement In Kolkata

The keyboard is the main or important ingredient of a laptop. sometimes your keyboard is not working then you will feel like your shiny laptop looks a bit redundant. You also face some keyboard-related issues like unresponsive of some keys of keyboards. The keyboard is the most important part because it interacts with you with your device. So, if you are facing any keyboard-related issues then it needs the best to repair or replace it. At Kolkata repair, we can resolve all keyboard problems such as Hardware issues, Broken keys or keys got stuck, Bad connection. These issues can arise due to the connection issue of the faulty keyboard. The only option, in this case, is keyboard replacement from the best repair center.

Microsoft Laptop Motherboard Repair In Kolkata

If your laptop does not turn on and you don’t understand where to go and how to fix it then it may be a motherboard issue and the best place is Kolkata repair. So, don’t panic. If your laptop is out of warranty then you need to repair or replace your motherboard from any best service center. The laptop motherboard is the mother of all components of the device. This is responsible for creating a connection between the components with each other. A little fault in the motherboard can make the laptop to stop working. So, don’t worry our experienced technician can solve your problems regarding motherboard including Failure to boot, Blue screen errors, Randomly freezing and hardware no longer works, Audio and laptop screen is not working, Connected devices fail to work. You just give a call or book a repair at our site, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Microsoft Laptop Liquid damage In Kolkata

Are you facing any liquid damage issue of your laptop? Or spilled water on your laptop? Don’t panic. We are here with our latest technique to repair your laptop. Laptops are costly and come with compact designs and also it is a sensitive device to many accidents. Liquid damage affects your device as it can render the device completely dead if you are not repairing it as soon as possible after liquid damage. Any kind of liquid like water, tea or coffee anything has the most detrimental effects on the laptops. The liquid can damage every component inside your laptop like motherboard, CPU, hard drive and optical drives. Also, it shows some damage signs like signs of residue, discoloration, and corrosion, etc. Our engineers inspect your laptop then repair it.

Microsoft Laptop Hinge Repair In Kolkata

Are you won’t be able to open or close the screen of your laptop? we all know that the laptop hinge is a connective part between the laptop screen and the keyboard. A broken laptop will affect your important work. If your hinge is spoilt or loose then you will think about the laptop hinge repair or replacement. If your laptop hinge is broken then your laptop is useless and it completely ruins the purpose of the laptop. The main problem you face after hinge broke that you won’t be able to open or close the screen and you don’t have any other option except to buy a new laptop. In this case, if you don’t want to buy a new laptop then you can repair your old one so that you don’t have to pay a higher amount. So, you must choose the best place to repair the hinge damage to your laptop. At Kolkata repair, we are always available with our doorstep hinge repair or replacement service.

Microsoft Laptop Virus Removal In Kolkata

Are you facing a laptop virus issue? Malware is a software that is specifically harming and infect the host system. Malware covers all the different types of threats to the safety of your laptop such as viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, and so on. Malware includes viruses along with other types of software such as trojan horses, adware, etc. In such cases, viruses and malware can attack your laptop and other digital devices. A virus is a small program designed to cause trouble by gaining access to your device and it can copy your personal data and slow your device down. In such a case you need to remove these viruses and malware from any repair service center. At, Kolkata repair we can remove all your viruses in very little time. Our cheap level service is best in all over Kolkata.

Microsoft Laptop RAM replacement In Kolkata

Are your laptop slows down or hangs? It all due to RAM issues and it needs an upgrade or replacement. We all know that the Random Access Memory or RAM is the memory unit that stores your temporary data while you are working on the laptop. A RAM only works as long as the laptop is on and it is responsible for the speed and performance of your laptop. The greater the RAM storage, the faster and seamless the laptop performs and vice versa. If your laptop is facing RAM problems then it will show some damage signs such as Slow performance, Random restarts, Sudden freezing of function, Blue screen, Corrupted files, Unable to install new programs, etc. Our qualified technicians are able to do all kinds of repair and replacement work.

Microsoft Laptop Hard Disk Repair In Kolkata

Hard disk failure is a common problem related to laptops. The laptop has a compact design and leaves the hard disk to be at risk. If your laptop is accidentally dropped then the hard disk might crash or fail. In this case, you must see error signs and there is a high chance that your hard disk or hard drive needs a data recovery service to set it back. If your laptops having hard disk failure then you will see a number of issues such as Laptop blue screen error, Screen freeze at windows logo, Abnormal hard disk sounds, Black screen error, etc. and it needs the hard disk repair or replacement. These are the most common type of error happens. This issue indicates that your laptop hard disk is at fault. We are at Kolkata repair, resolve all hard disk related issues at a very affordable cost.

Microsoft Laptop chip level In Kolkata

The meaning of chip level repair is the Basic repair of your laptop. It is the toughest job ever that is not resolved at home. It needs a well-trained technician who is certified and experienced. When we talk about the chip level repair it usually refers to the repairing of the basic components of your laptop that are connected to the motherboard like screen replacement, battery replacement, keyboard replacement, etc. It also categorizes the repairing of chips in BGA section or PS2 section and so on. It needs great care and the best laptop repair center in Kolkata like Kolkata repair.


Best Microsoft Laptop Service Center In Kolkata.

From Laptop screen replacement to motherboard repair, get end to end support for all your laptop repair needs anywhere in Kolkata.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Provide A Home Repair Service In Kolkata?

Yes, we provide home service across Kolkata, Greater Kolkata, and Howrah. We provide quality repair or replacement services for all devices including all brands of laptops, Apple devices, and smartphones.

2. What Is Your Inspection Charge For A Laptop Repair?

Our inspection charge for any kind of laptop except Macbook is 250. But the best part is if you take services from us then we never take any inspection cost.

3. Are You Provide A Repair Service On Sunday?

Yes, we provide repair service on Sunday. We always think about our valuable customers because we all know that Sunday is convenient for all.

4. Are You Provide A Laptop Screen Replacement Service?

Yes, we provide all kinds of services regarding your laptops of any brands or any models.

5. I Need To Replace My Macbook Battery, Is It Possible For You?

Yes, we provide all kinds of repair and replacement services for all MacBooks. We replace your battery in a very little time with genuine battery.

6. Do You Resolve The Motherboard Problems Of iMac?

Yes, we can resolve all kinds of iMac problems like screen, battery, even the motherboard. We are at Kolkata repair to fix or repair all of the iMac problems including hardware and software issues.

7. How Much Time Do You Take To Replace A Laptop Screen?

The timing always depends on the service or repair type. The average minimum inspection time or repair time we take is 24 hours. Because our engineers or technicians take some time to inspect your device in a proper manner.

8. Are You Provide The Original Laptop Parts?

Yes, we provide the OEM parts for any kind of laptop or another device repair.

9. Will I Lose My Data If I Repair My Laptop Motherboard?

It depends on the issues. Because the motherboard is internal part of your laptop. So, it is better to take a backup before repair.

10. Do You Provide Service Warranty On Laptop Repair?

Yes, we give a warranty in some cases. We provide manufacturer’s Warranty on Replacement parts but it is also subject to a declaration of the manufacturer company. Given warranty can be void under certain terms and conditions.