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Unlike other local service centers in kolkata, we provide onsite repair for most of the laptop problems in Kolkata. Our service center is tied up to most popular & important branded company. Because of this, we are able to provide quick services, genuine accessories and authentic papers.


Hp Laptop Repair

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Dell Laptop Repair

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Lenovo Laptop Repair

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Acer Laptop Repair

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Asus Laptop Repair

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Why Choose Us

From laptop screen replacement to motherboard repair, get end to end support for all your laptop repair needs anywhere in Kolkata.

Free Pickup & Delivery

There is no extra charge for pickup & delivery. When you book a repair, One of our technicians visit and pickup your device, and after repair it is delivered to you at your location.

Affordable Price

There is no reason to pay more for less, and we believe in fair pricing while still providing the highest quality of service. We provide most affordable repair in Kolkata.

On-site Repair

We come to you and fix your phone’s broken screen on the spot, at your home or at the office. Also, we can fix your laptop screen and  other device problems at your location.


All of the parts and most of the repair comes with a warranty because we are that confident in our service. The parts we use are all of the highest quality, and we always run quality test so you get top notch service.

Professional & Genuine

Our engingeer are very professional and well trained. They are all certified engineers. When they are repairing your device, the only goal is provide quality. If you are not happy then neither are we.

Fast & Secure

We know how important your device to you. For that, we always try to deliver your device to you as soon as possible. When your device comes to us, We keep it completely safe and secure. So don’t worry about your device data, it’s safe with us.


Customer Reviews


I had gone to repair the iPhone battery  The attendant was knowledgeable,concise and very polite I would recommend this place for all mobile and laptop repairs due to their professional service

Reshmi Ghosh

Salt Lake


Very prompt service. I got my one plus 6t screen . It was done in a day. I recommend their service to my friend. You will all inspection details in an email after your approval then they start.Awesome work.

Sibkumar Sen



Very prompt and a good service my experience with them was the best would highly recommend for google phone repair I think they are the best they replaced my google pixel 2 screen real quick and are fairly priced

Omkar Dasthidar



Best Laptop Service Center In Kolkata

From Laptop screen replacement to motherboard repair, get end to end support for all your laptop repair needs anywhere in Kolkata.

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Best Laptop Service Center In Kolkata

Kolkata is a place in West Bengal having a population of 4.5 million and it is the capital city. Here a variety of businesses are established from ancient times. Many kinds of business, industries, etc. are established in Kolkata with success. When we come to the device repair industry in Kolkata then a huge number of service centers and local shops are available here. This place is very famous for its markets. Nowadays electronic devices including laptops, desktops, smartphones, Apple devices, etc. are the most used things in our daily lives. We can’t even imagine our life without these devices. So it is obvious to face a number of problems regarding your devices and it needs the best repair service in Kolkata. But most people confused about which service center is best in Kolkata? All the service centers and local shops claim that they provide the best repair services with genuine parts replacement. But you do not believe in every repair center for your valuable devices.

In Kolkata, you find different shops who sell all body parts of any devices like Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks, etc. You will get all the models of body parts at a cheap price. But the question is are they sell original body parts? But at Kolkata Repair there is nothing to be confused about. We are the Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata providing repair services for Laptops with different models and brands. We provide services in Kolkata in each and every place. Kolkata Repair has totally trusted computer and MacBook repair center that provides the services for all well-known laptop brands like HP, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HCL, Compaq, Sony, Microsoft surface to the less known brands like Fujitsu, iball, Toshiba, LG, and many more other brands. Our free pickup and delivery service makes your repair work easier and better. We also claim that our repair service is quality service and the part we provide for replacement is genuine and original parts with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our certified and experienced technicians are able to resolve all your laptop problems from old to new models. We provide repair services for Laptop Issues from Screen Replacement and Battery Replacement to Virus and Malware removal. As the only trusted name in Kolkata, we provide the best and quality repair service at a genuinely affordable price rate. We also provide after warranty service for all kinds of devices throughout Kolkata. If your laptop screen or display is broken or any Troubleshooting issue you are facing, then it is not to worry. We can fix all the laptop related problems including LCD/Screen Replacement, Battery replacement, Laptop Hinge Repair, Multi-Level Chip Repair, Motherboard Repair, Power on but no display, Improper Shutdown, Power on but no booting, Hard drive data recovery, hard disk repair, Body fixing/repair, Keyboard or Touchpad replacement, water damage repair, Laptop Setup / Installation, Virus and Malware Removal, Hardware Upgrades / Installation, Software Upgrades Installation, Operating System Updates, RAM replacement/ Upgrades, System Security Testing, etc. We are the top-notch service provider and give support to the personal computer and the computer systems of an office such as AMC service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does A Laptop Repair Take?

The repair duration varies on the laptop models and related issues. At Kolkata Repair, we first inspect the laptop and then inform our customers that what time it will take.

2. Do Kolkata Repair Offer At Home Repair Service?

Yes, definitely. We provide home repair services in many cases. It depends on the laptop problems and what kind of equipment is required for repair.

3. What Is Your Inspection Charge For A Laptop Repair?

Our inspection charge for any kind of laptop except Macbook is 250. But the best part is if you take services from us then we never take any inspection cost.

4. Are You Provide A Laptop Screen Replacement Service?

Yes, we provide all kinds of services regarding your laptops of any brands or any models.

4. Do You Provide Service Warranty?

Yes, we give a warranty in some cases. Warranty on Replacement parts are subject to declaration of the manufacturer company provides warranty on the selected repair job.

5. Do You Repair The Motherboard Problems Of Laptop?

Yes, we can repair all kinds of laptop problems like screen, battery, even the motherboard. We are at Kolkata repair to fix or repair all of the laptop problems including hardware and software issues.

6. Will I Need To Take A Backup Before Giving My Laptop For Repair?

We advise you to take a backup. It is better to take a backup in many internal issues repair. But if you replace your outer parts including screen, the battery then it does not require.

7. How Much Time Do You Take To Replace A Laptop Screen?

The timing always depends on the service or repair type. The average minimum inspection time or repair time we take is 24 hours. Because our engineers or technicians take some time to inspect your device in a proper manner.

8. Do Kolkata Repair Provide Data Recovery Service For Any Laptop?

Yes, we provide data recovery service for any kind of device including laptops, MacBooks, etc.

9. How Much Cost For Laptop Battery Replacement?

Laptop battery replacement cost varies according to the laptop brands and models. Because we all know that the quality of spare parts of any device varies according to the range. Our laptop battery replacement cost starting from 1200 Rs.

10. What Are The Signs That My Laptop Is In Need Of Repairs?

Some signs of poor laptop health are too long a time to start, blurred screen, poor performance, and noises from within the system.