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From mobile screen replacement to motherboard repair, get end to end support for all your mobile repair needs anywhere in Kolkata.

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There is no extra charge for pickup & delivery. When you book a repair, One of our technicians visit and pickup your device, and after repair it is delivered to you at your location.

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There is no reason to pay more for less, and we believe in fair pricing while still providing the highest quality of service. We provide most affordable repair in Kolkata.

On-site Repair

We come to you and fix your phone’s broken screen on the spot, at your home or at the office. Also, we can fix your laptop screen and  other device problems at your location.


All of the parts and most of the repair comes with a warranty because we are that confident in our service. The parts we use are all of the highest quality, and we always run quality test so you get top notch service.

Professional & Genuine

Our engingeer are very professional and well trained. They are all certified engineers. When they are repairing your device, the only goal is provide quality. If you are not happy then neither are we.

Fast & Secure

We know how important your device to you. For that, we always try to deliver your device to you as soon as possible. When your device comes to us, We keep it completely safe and secure. So don’t worry about your device data, it’s safe with us.


Customer Reviews


I had gone to repair the iPhone battery  The attendant was knowledgeable,concise and very polite I would recommend this place for all mobile and laptop repairs due to their professional service

Reshmi Ghosh

Salt Lake


Very prompt service. I got my one plus 6t screen . It was done in a day. I recommend their service to my friend. You will all inspection details in an email after your approval then they start.Awesome work.

Sibkumar Sen



Very prompt and a good service my experience with them was the best would highly recommend for google phone repair I think they are the best they replaced my google pixel 2 screen real quick and are fairly priced

Omkar Dasthidar


Apple iPad Screen Replacement In Kolkata

Facing any touch or display issue? Or Is your iPad screen is broken? We are at Kolkata repair to solve any of your iPad screen problems with high-quality service across Kolkata. Sometimes iPad display problems can make you very concerned because iPad screen replacement in Kolkata may seem difficult. We are the best iPad service center in Kolkata to provide genuine service along with qualified technicians. Our engineers resolve all your screen problems including Cracked, split, damaged and broken iPad screen, Screen not working, turning on, lighting up properly, Turns off and on intermittently, Static on screen and, showing Multi-coloured lines issue, Screen pixel defect issue, A flurry of buzzy picture issue, Black screen with the backlight on, Reduce screen brightness issue, etc.

Apple iPad Battery Replacement In Kolkata

Are you facing issues like your iPad is not charging? Or the iPad is draining very fast? Then it’s all due to a dead battery. Facing a battery-related issue is very common when your iPad is not in use for an extended period of time. You can face a number of issues like it stopped charging or if the iPad shows the battery is plugged in but it does not take charges. Our iPad specialists that you are looking for, and they can replace your iPad battery easily with all your iPad brands and models. The battery issues such as iPad battery not charging, iPad battery charge doesn’t last long, etc. affects your iPad and sometimes it can create some internal damage. So it needs the battery replacement as soon as possible from Kolkata repair with original spare parts.

Apple iPad Charging Port Repair In Kolkata

Is your iPad is not charging? Then it is due to charging port problem and it needs the best place to repair your charging port as soon as possible. The cause of damaged charging port are various such as electrical voltage caused by the not original charger, clogged dust, splash
water, etc. When you are using any of the iPad of any models then you can face this issue. At Kolkata repair we give the best iPad repair service in Kolkata at a very low cost. Sometimes due to some other reasons such as wear and tear and maltreatment, your charging port are damaged and it shows a number of problems such as iPad doesn’t take charge, iPad charge slowly, unresponsive charge status, etc.

Apple iPad Vibration Repair In Kolkata

Having trouble with your iPad not sending silent alerts? Is it malfunctioning, no longer buzzing, working only half of the time? These vibration problems are very common about the iPad. But the best part is it is repairable by Kolkata repair. Our iPad specialists that you are looking for, and they can repair your iPad vibration easily with all your iPad brands and models. So, if you are facing some issues like not getting vibration alerts during incoming calls, Vibration intensity is very low, Vibrator works intermittently, Vibrator is very slow then it is time to repair it. You just give a call or book a repair at our site, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Apple iPad Liquid Damage In Kolkata

Are you facing any liquid damage issue of your iPad? Or spilled water on your iPad? Don’t panic. We are here with our latest technique to repair your iPad. iPads are costly and come with compact designs and also it is a sensitive device to many accidents. Liquid damage affects your device as it can render the device completely dead if you are not repairing it as soon as possible after liquid damage. Any kind of liquid like water, tea or coffee anything has the most detrimental effects on the iPads. The liquid can damage every component inside your iPad like motherboard, CPU, hard drive and optical drives. Also, it shows some damage signs like signs of residue, discoloration, and corrosion, etc. Our engineers inspect your iPad then repair it.

Apple iPad Camera Repair In Kolkata

Not able to click pictures? Or Picture is blurry or hazy? Don’t panic regarding your iPad camera. We are at Kolkata repair to solve any of your iPad camera problems with high-quality service across Kolkata. We know that camera is an important part of your iPad and also it is very delicate part. So, it need to handle smoothly. If you are facing any camera related issues of your iPad of any model or any brand such as image hazy, camera video shaking, line appear on image, camera lens blur , camera not working, when open camera screen is black, camera lens broken, dust in camera, front camera not working for face id, camera flash is not working, and many more then our certified engineers are always available for you.

Apple iPad Speaker Repair In Kolkata

Have you call someone and they can’t hear you? Or are you struggling to hear them? Or You want to play your music out loud but hear no sound? Or maybe you’re not being made aware of notifications you are receiving by hearing that little ping? These kinds of problems are due to damaged speaker. Repair it by Kolkata repair. We are genuine service provider across Kolkata with our quality parts replacement. Whatever the iPad models or brands are we always resolve all the speaker related issues in less time. The bad or damaged speaker shows a number of issues such as poor sound quality, iPad speaker begins to crackle, volume is not high enough, you can’t hear anything sound at all, etc. You just give a call or book a repair at our site, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Apple iPad Microphone Repair In Kolkata

Did the Microphone on your iPad go out? or is it not functioning like it used to? Or If you can’t be heard during iPad calls? All these issues can be repaired here by Kolkata repair. Here a team of industry experts who are able to resolve all the microphone problems in a couple of hours. We always provide genuine and quality replacement parts. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Bad or damaged microphone shows a number of signs such as Inability to use voice prompts properly, Siri no longer understanding your questions or commands, Poor sound quality on the receiving end of your iPad calls with people frequently asking you to repeat yourself, Low quality audio tracks on video recordings with sound coming in and out or sounding like static, etc. When you feel these kinds of problems then just repair it from us.

Apple iPad Power Button Repair In Kolkata

Having trouble with your iPad power button? Is turning your iPad on and off not possible anymore? These kinds of issues irritates you a lot. But the best thing is these all issues are due to faulty power button and it should be repairable at Kolkata repair. Due to battery issues sometimes it affects your iPad power button and this is the main button of your iPad. So, it is very important to repair it as soon as possible otherwise it can cause your device damaged internally. Sometimes due to drop or hard knock it affects your power button and show many issues like your iPad is not able to operate. So, What are you waiting for? Just visit our website for a quick and easy iPad power button repair or replacement.

Apple iPad Headphone Socket Repair In Kolkata

Are your iPad headphones making strange noises each time you plug them in? Are you not able to get a solid audio signal? Or is your iPad unable to detect the headset? These all problems are due to the bad or faulty headphone socket and it needs the best place to repair your device today. Sometimes due to some reasons the jack seems loose, or it’s just not producing quality sound. Our qualified engineers are able to resolve all your headphone jack problems at a very affordable cost. The most irritating situation is when you are listening to your favorite music or doing your favorite activity on your headphones and suddenly the music just stops and also it is interrupted with a loud crackle. And you don’t understand the issue. That time you just come and contact us


Best Apple iPad Service Center In Kolkata.

From mobile screen replacement to motherboard repair, get end to end support for all your mobile repair needs anywhere in Kolkata.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Screen Of A Phone?

The screen replacement cost depends on the screen quality and the models and brands of your smartphones. We have a variety of screens from high to low quality. But the Phone screen replacement cost starting from 1500rs. But it depends on the models of the Phone.

2. Is Your Service Center Open On Sunday?

Yes, our service center opens on Sunday for our customer’s convenience. Because we know that in this busy world all working people are free on Sunday.

3. Do You Provide iPhone Repair Service?

Yes, we provide iPhone repair services for all iPhone models and all iPhone related problems.

4. Do You Use Original Smartphone Parts For Replacement?

Yes, definitely. We provide OEM spare parts with the manufacturer’s warranty for replacement. But we have a different range of spare parts according to the customer’s demand.

5. Is My Mobile Data Secure?

Yes, definitely. We have our own well-organized lab and that place only allowed for our engineers. So, your data or your expensive Phones are at a safe hand.

6. Do You Resolve The Motherboard Problems Of iMac?

It depends on the Phone problems and models. Some services including battery replacement, software issues, etc. are a one-day delivery facility. But in other major issues, we take some time and the maximum time we take is 72 hours.

7. Is It Worth To Repair iPhone Water Damage?

Yes, definitely. We all know that the iPhone is an expensive device and if it gets damaged due to any liquid then you must need to spend more if you buy a new one. But in case of repair, it is less costly for you.

8. Are The Parts Used For Replacement Genuine And Brand-specific?

Yes, the parts used to replace the damaged parts are usually sourced from genuine dealers and manufacturers. Mostly OEM parts are used at Kolkata repair.

9. Do You Replace My Phone Battery Today?

Yes, we will provide battery replacement with same-day delivery.

10. Do You Provide Software Update Service For My Mobile?

Yes, we provide the software update service in less time.